Доверливи документи од грчко министерство за надворешни работи

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29 септември 2007
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Ова може да биде многу интересно за нас...

Моментално ги симнувам фајловите па може ќе се најде нешто интересно за дискусија.

Во продолжение го пренесувам интегрално известувањето од Анонимус:

Today Anonymous hacktivist have announced another huge leak of documents which comes from Greece’s MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe).

Anonymous hacktivist have claimed this leak and dubbed it #OpGoldenDawn but have not stated how they obtained it which means it could be a malicious insider or external breach of its systems but they have stated that there is more to come “Stay tuned, more on it’s way” as well as urging people to mirror the files.

Cyberguerrilla.org writes that:
Today we deliver first sucker punch in a series of jaw breaking leaks, to
reveal the truth about the Greece government involvement in conspiracy
to spy on us with the help of it’s ENISA and OSCE cybercrime units. Those
responsible for arrests of our fellow lulz charged with OP Payback.
13 is a sacral number so we will deliver one punch to reach exactly that.
Enjoy – A3 Directorate for South-East Countries of the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs of Greece and OSCE “Restricted” load of docs.
Inside is ~3700 documents related to all kinds of areas, classified

The leaked data has been uploaded in 2 parts and a imgur gallery has been created as a sneak peak of whats in the leaks.
Part 1: 266MB
Part 2: 253MB

When uncompressed each folder turns out to only be about 410MB and contains around about total 4000 files with DOCX, PDF and PNG formatting.

Contents of the data appears to range between English, Russian and Arabic which will increase the time its going to take to sort threw it.




Шејтан на Махалата
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23 март 2009
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Читав за ова. Би требало да имаме корист од ова, но најголем дел од документите е за Албанија, Косово, сепак има и мал дел за нас.

Чекам репорт од Танус што има како за нас... :)
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29 септември 2007
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Од прво скенирање има разно разни документи и не очекувам спектакуларни наоди но не е исклучено и такви :vozbud:

Еве еден интересен документ за тоа како гледаат на нас и нашите секојдневни препукувања по медиуми. Инаку имам впечаток дека се добро организирани...

Бидејќи не разбирам грчки ќе користам Google translate (со превод на англиски зошто не е усовршен со македонскиот) и за секоја сигурност ќе го аттачирам оригиналниот документ (го конвертирав од doc во pdf).

Напомена: Ова е политички документ и немам намера да покренам политичка дебата, затоа ги молам Кајганџии да се воздржат од политика.


PRESS & MEDIASkopje , 10.03.2013No. Pr. : 16472/30.3to:Secretariat General of Information and Communication
- N / A Address InformationCc:- Deputy Prime Minister and Government Spokesman , Mr. Kedikoglou- GG Information and Communication, Mr. Katsanioti- GG Media, Mr. Panagiotopoulos- N / Address Foreign Service- N / Directorate of Public Relations- Diplomatic Office
Foreign Minister- Deputy Foreign Diplomatic Offices- YPEX/A3 N / AddressSS- Liaison Office- Office POEF Monastir- Office of Defence Attaché
The brief statement by the Prime Minister of Greece , Antonis Samaras , which aired yesterday morning, the correspondent of the state agency in Macedonia one in Washington ( see fig 16464 ) broadcast by lightning all the electronic media in Macedonia , information and web flow and then screened and central news of T / T , Macedonia. In the brief statement from Mr Samaras stated the current type of project as a whole. While on comments made ​​yesterday by Foreign direct Poposki , MP VMRO-DPMNE Vlatko Gkiortsef and the President of the opposition (SDSM) Zoran Zaev ( vl.sch. 16469 ) . - Through response to statements Zaev chose to mention the very VMRO-DPMNE in the statement of the Greek F / F , which fails to comment today and systematically present in the public discourse on the issue of the name of former Foreign Minister Milososki , from R / F Dnevnik. - Meanwhile, already widely played today by the pro-government electronic media in Macedonia 's reaction Slavic diaspora (UMD) from USA ( vl.sch. 16471 ) :The UMD, which is in favor of the termination of negotiations under M.Nimits undertakes ( as ' competent ') to urge the U.S. government to " ignore » (sic) Mr. Samaras. Not losing is the opportunity to renew their fierce tons of systematically against Greece, and especially the Greek F / F : then complains that the actual positions of Samaras and the "only true Greek agenda" is either imposed coercively changing identity Self-identified as "Macedonians" Slavs in Macedonia either parelkysthei the negotiation process until the "final elimination " of the " Macedonian " state.
FOR THE OVERALL PICTURE - BOX ' HOST ' the short statement by the Greek F / F FROM THE MEDIA OF FYROM : The extreme rhetoric UMD ( sample of which constitutes the current response to the statements of Mr. Samaras) has been widely adopted by the newly metatonismeni rhetoric of government officials and media in Macedonia : in recent weeks (after the statements Nimetz to Skopje see detailed record of such overview in Reg with AP 16462 ) , Athens denounced for " illegally negotiating sought ' objective of which is either ' blackmailing name change "or the definitive derail negotiations. This metatonismos however not accompanied by a change of the strategic objectives of the Government Gruevski , which remains constant throughout the Euro -Atlantic integration solution without the name , based on the verdict of the ICJ (called " fair demand "). - The sharpening of termination of Greece shows essentially ' frozen ' every opportunity for dialogue with Athens (which strongly reaffirms its position ) . On the other hand, the international community avoids hopes to shape the implementation of the ' just demand ' (with the exception of certain E / B have taken over the role of the ' Friends of ' Macedonia ' "and engage systematically statements consolation and exercises threatening rhetoric against the Greek Government) . - Result of this dynamic deviation between metatonismenis communication tactics and unshakable strategic objective to ' pale ' perspective the implementation is an overview tension and ambiguity regarding the hereafter attitude of the Government in Skopje on the name issue in relation to the Euro- Atlantic integration of Macedonia.
In that broader context of tension, ambiguity and ultimately embarrassment greet yesterday 's statement Greek F / F domestic media and politicians ' commentators ' : From the anyway short statement of Mr. Samaras appear to have ' bothered ' more the abominations that "Greece is the only side which made some steps towards the solution of the name issue " and that "there is some extreme intransigence " on the part of Skopje F / F , and ( perhaps especially ) the statement of the Greek F / F that "If you ask my counterparts from Albania or Bulgaria likely they will respond the same, that intolerance is on the side of Skopje ". - Emphasizing the specific points raised yesterday the TV bulletins and today the press statements by Mr Samaras to source the original telegram response FOTIOU - A titles and troubled diktikotitas : "According to Samaras , Athens wants but Skopje avoid the solution! In fact , Athens was doing just marking time asking illegally erga omnes », stresses ( limited ) government Vecer today. - As indicative plaisiotiko records and statements by Mr. Samaras comment on reports of T / T Alfatv: « Although repeatedly refused direct meetings with the F / F Gruevski did not lose the opportunity to pass on , from Washington , responsibilities for the failure to resolve the name issue in Skopje. Although the southern neighbor does not go away by nationalistic attitudes and the "erga omnes", according to the Greek F / F are our positions, the reason for the current state of stagnation. The statements of Mr. Samaras is just diametrically opposite to what happens in reality : Athens ignores all initiatives for direct talks between the two F / F and move the negotiating framework at a higher level. Review the intransigent Greek diplomacy brought by MEPs Kelam and Kastler , "concludes the report by the pro-government T / T resorting to palliation of " friends " E / B.
- In the same tones and moved under the pro-government media as a whole . However , it is clear that the simple and clear statement of the Greek position on the part of the Greek F / F (and even media Macedonia ) causes distress management in the context of the overall picture of tension, ambiguity and ultimately embarrassment configured : The Greek side has been blamed for everything, extra refusing to enter a dialogue with Skopje ( the fact that Athens has left unremarked Gruevski 's speech at the UN General Assembly causes irritation to the government SMEs) and merely repeats the fixed positions, as happened to the statements of the Greek F / F , which, under a specific condition, no longer being offered even for a new round of critical attacks. In contrast , the steady repetition of the Greek positions , namely, the statements of Mr. Samaras , enhances embarrassment that begs the question : And now, that against Athens denunciatory speech reached the limits of what should be done by the Government regarding integration into EU and NATO?
The general picture of tension , ambiguity and embarrassment now takes the form of communication deadlock and that is why the statements of Mr. Samaras was widely promoted while but trivial critical plasiosi of electronic media and t / c, not annotated with communication unproductive curt annoyance both the FM Poposki yesterday ( "This is further proof that Greece is not interested to resolve the name issue ' ") , and by the former Foreign Minister Milososki today in e / c Dnevnik: « by this statement , which actually has a message that ' except me , everyone else responsible ', Samaras shows that, as in 1992 , continues to be part of the problem and not the solution , "says former Foreign Minister and MP of VMRO-DPMNE.

Indicative of communication quagmire formed after metatonismo ( sharpening ) of attacks against Athens is the fact that the short statements by Greek F / F quick to exploit the ruling VMRO-DPMNE to attack again in the Slavic opposition ( the esopolitiki controversy was , after all, from the beginning , the real object of the otherwise deadlocked , as it turns out, metatonismou rhetoric against Athens after the statements Nimetz to Skopje thereafter, the SDSM has found communication ' afoplismeno ' on the name field , which preferentially exercised ' patriotic rhetoric ' of Gruevski / VMRO). - Specifically the VMRO-DPMNE delivered directly announcement yesterday to attack the President of SDSM after alleged as ( as usual ) " submissive " statements with which Mr. Zaev commented on the statements of the Greek F / F (see Figure . 16469 - more flexible than the President of SDSM, the opposition media chose to bypass declarations insignia of the Greek W / H: illustration the Utrinski vesnik does today no reference ) : " the leader of SDSM know exactly what happens with the name issue as he Matthew Nimetz presented the positions of Greece . Zoran Zaev behind the claim that has no information about what happens to the name issue. This is not true : He Matthew Nimetz revealed the positions of Greece . It is not true that we do not have information , that were in fact released from the special mediator on the name issue [ ...] Mr. Zaei offer excuses in the politics of Athens . " Then, the VMRO-DPMNE asks the Zaev to clarify whether the SDSM intend " to accept the blackmail of Greece to change the name of the state" and calls once again Zaev to say what his plans for solving the problem with Greece. - Finally, through the chairman of acute response in opposition , the VMRO-DPMNE served and expected complaint of its own statements by Greek F / T: "It makes no sense (the declaration of Mr. Samaras) . It is obvious to everyone that the unconstructive side on the name issue is Greece . [ ... ] Which can continue undisturbed one hundred years this issue open, but we can not live like this , " complains including the announcement of the ruling party . [Source : Dnevnik]


Sungerot Bob

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7 август 2012
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Да видиме дали ова ќе ни биде од корист... :)


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5 мај 2013
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Нема корист од отпад бе, барем не од ваков тип на отпад.

Zoran MKD

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11 септември 2010
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Многу ликсови во последно време.

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