Programming & And How To Become Good At It

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24 јануари 2018
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Programming, are you looking to start your programming journey? Well probably yes, well I have some tips for you, tips that will surely help you out on your journey into becoming a top class programmer, all you need to do is follow the article to know more about this.

Nowadays the demands for programming is getting higher than we all expected it to be, everyday we get to see companies, business associates, and some of the high paying job offers all wanting a top class programmer to come build up a software or an app for them, yeah its something of a dream for an individual to get an opportunity like that, but as we all know, its never that easy, some do wish to build apps, build websites and do so many thing's but will or probably facing one problem or the other, but here today, I'll drop some tips which am using and which can really help you out if you're an upcoming programmer.

Programming & And How To Become Good At It

The word programming stands for the languages and the computer needs to run or code a particular software, if you're willing to become a top programmer, believe me you have to understand all these codes and also have in mind that there is no shortcut to success and it's true that it's just a matter of programming, it takes time, it needs to be understood, you have to be decisive, believe me programming looks boring and difficult right, lol you'll just think of that if you're not learning from a good source, but with the civilized word we are in its even more easy as you can learn programming yourself, you can code even without attending an IT school, there are some website and YouTube channels that are specialized in teaching people programming, there are tons apps and e-ooks to help you out on your coding journey.

You Need To Be Decisive On What To Do

I'm going to be a top class programmer, and I'm not sure what to do with it. , and like they always say, life is a rollercoaster, if you do not make the right move, you'll end up seeing your self where you started, once you've realized why you want to code, for example, if you Fancy web development , then you should do some research on HTML, CSS and Javascript, once you've done your research, look for the best place to learn, there are tons of IT schools out there, but if you can not afford to pay for one, there is no problem as you will find other means of learning , there are websites that offer free e-books, live video tutorials, YouTube programming channels, they will be listed out, so watch out.

What Is The Best Way To Code?

Coding does not need to be prolonged, always make sure your codes are short and simple, in other words straightforward, always make sure you write short codes that can easily be corrected when you make a mistake, shortening your code will also help you reduce time and stress.

Offline Coding Vs Online Coding

If you are looking for coding, I always prefer to go online and learn, then practice offline, there are many websites that can be used online, you can learn coding online from w3schools, udemy, github, udacity, codeacademy and many more, but coding offline too cool, but it becomes extremely cool when you learn from a good source.

Learning Programming Through Your Smartphone

There is a lot of apps that explain the programming, and you can even do some practice on them once you've taken it, and it's even easier than ever before. Your time to study with them, I'll list some of these apps below now, you can decide which one suits you best.

Practice What You've Learned
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Practice what you've learned[/caption]
Study without revision is a total waste of time and same applies to learning programming, it's never going to be possible to study programming without practice and later say yes I'm good at it, the main architect of becoming a programmer is when you practice everytime you learn because its from there you'll know area's which you need to improve on, so during your leisure time, practice.

Connect With Other Programmers
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Connect with other programmers[/caption]
Learning programming does not stop you from social media interaction, and you become a top class programmer, you really need to interact with people, you can find programmers on forums, facebook pages, subdates, twitter and many more, interact with them and make them realize you're very innovative, try as much as you can to make them open to you, this is really important if you want to go far in programming.

Final Words

I guess you'll learn something from this few tips on how to become a good programmer, although in this modern world everything seems to be changing rapidly and yes people get confused about programming because there is always a change in language, but here's what I ' I'll tell you, nothing changes, HTML remains HTML so do not get scared, start from somewhere or you'll find your self nowhere. Hope you like this article, hope you know sharing is caring, so do not forget to share with friends.

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Јас сум веќе вработен, а програмирањето во С и С++ ми е хоби. Не знам дали е паметно да тргнам на вакво програмирачко патување, бидејки потребно е доста време, посветеност, учење и вежбање . Би сакал да знам кој и зошто би ме врбил. Дали сум конкурентен покрај дипломирани програмери и вештачка интелигенција?...

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