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24 јули 2007
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Ја би ги зел парите. После една година може пак истово да го направи само што ќе биде побогат за милион. И ќе му ја свират Милионерче.....


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25 ноември 2011
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Според мене фејк.

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This video doesn't make much sense to me. He says he partnered with Gary Vaynerchuk to create a Talent Agency for Viners, but then in the video says that a top branding agency (leaves out their name) offered him $1 Million for a campaign, but with a bit of research I found out that the agency he refers to is VaynerMedia, and guess who the founder is-- Gary Vaynerchuk. Take from that what you will, but I think this might be a bit..let's say exaggerated.

This is fake. I know this because the office he was in for the meeting is "Vayner Media" Jerome's company works there. The man in the meeting room was Gary Vaynerchuk a famous business man. On his Laptop in the meeting you can see a sticker saying "Jab Jab Right Hook" this is a book he realised. Look it up. Staged

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