Повредени Македонски војници во Авганистан


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17 март 2005
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Адмирал Мајк Мален вели дека војната во Афганистан е се’ потешка и излегува од контрола:


Нема да биде “убаво’’ за било кого таму, а на припадниците на АРМ им посакувам многу среќа.
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18 февруари 2008
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Американската стратегија за Авганистан не функционира?

US Afghan strategy 'not working'

A report by the top US general in Afghanistan is expected to say that the current military strategy is not working, the BBC understands. General Stanley McChrystal will liken the US military to a bull charging at a matador [the Taliban] - slightly weakened with each "cut" it receives.
His review is also expected to say that protecting the Afghan people against the Taliban must be the top priority.
But the report will not carry a direct call for increasing troop numbers.
Word of Gen McChrystal's report came as further results from last week's presidential election were expected to be released, at 1230 GMT. President Hamid Karzai is leading so far.
The independent Electoral Complaints Commission says that of more than 2,100 allegations of wrongdoing during voting and vote-counting, 618 have been deemed serious enough to affect the election's outcome, if proven.
Crisis of confidence
BBC North America editor Mark Mardell says General McChrystal's bullfighting metaphor is striking because it is not the usual way that US commanders talk about the country's armed forces.
The general's blunt assessment will also say that the Afghan people are undergoing a crisis of confidence because the war against the Taliban has not made their lives better, our correspondent says.
General McChrystal says the aim should be for Afghan forces to take the lead but their army will not be ready to do that for three years and it will take much longer for the police.
And he will warn that villages have to be taken from the Taliban and held, not merely taken.
General McChrystal also wants more engagement with the Taliban fighters and he believes that 60% of the problem would go away if they could be found jobs.
His report is expected to be presented to military chiefs in Washington on Monday.
Hints on troop numbers
More than 30,000 extra US troops have been sent to Afghanistan since President Barack Obama ordered reinforcements in May - almost doubling his country's contingent and increasing the Western total to about 100,000.

*Иронија*Ма нееее.Па ги убивте сите што сега не функционира?Па Еф шеснајс,па петнајс па раптор,па апачи,чејен,чинук,блек хок,сателити џипиесови,м-4,хамери,дигитрони.Не сте вие ко оние буљашите руски со застарена опрема и грди униформи и канти од оружје.Со таква совршена авијација и тенкови и ракети и ова..ама знам бе не оти не можете нејќете.А толку години ли ви требаше да сфатите?Пу сега ова уреднициве треба да измислуваат како да се покријат за хвалоспевките до пред некој месец и конечната офанзива...*Крај на иронија*
Колку години станаа веќе?
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9 ноември 2007
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......е тек јас колку ги потепав низ Кандахар и тора-бора......во Делта Форс 4 играта....:vozbud::pos2::pos2::pos2:

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