Мислења за новиот ирански стелт ловец-бомбардер Qaher-313 ('Conqueror')




MOSCOW, February 2 (RIA Novosti) - Iran on Saturday unveiled an advanced fighter-bomber it claimed can evade radars, Iran’ state Press TV reported.
Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said the domestically manufactured Qaher-313 (Conqueror-313) “has a very low radar cross section” and is capable of conducting operations at low altitudes and carrying advanced weapons.
The new single-seat plane can engage both other aircraft and ground targets and can take off from and land at short airstrips, the minister said.
Press TV said Qaher was similar to the US-built F/A-18, an advanced fighter capable of dogfighting, as well as penetrating enemy air defenses to strike ground targets.

Iran has presented its first domestically designed defense fighter-bomber jet with limited stealth capabilities. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stressed that the plane was designed for defense purposes, and will not be used for aggression.
Codenamed Qaher-313 ('Conqueror'), the jet is an advanced single-seat single-engine military plane. It is reportedly capable of engaging targets on the ground, as well as achieving air superiority in dogfights.
According to photos published by Fars news agency, the jet boasts impressive technical specifications, with a ‘stealth’ design similar to that of the US F-22 and Russian T-50. The large wingspan and inclined outward tail fins resembles the F-35, as well as the unusual-looking wings and modern seamless canopy. The jet may have been constructed using composite materials.

Мислам дека Иран го има совладано делот за ниска радарска видливост на авионите, но според мое мислење би требало да се многу години назад во нештата како радари, ракети, интерфејс за пилотот и млазниот мотор од современите американски и руски модели на овој тип на авиони.
Сепак, браво за Иран, не ни сонував дека земјата е до овој степен научно и технолошки напредната.
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1 октомври 2012
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Изгледа како 30 години во гаража да го чувале.
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10 јуни 2005
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Дочекан е со потсмев,сепак:

50 Important points, the equipment and the design of F313 fighter + photos

Due to the size of the plane with a length of less than 16 m is estimated, the container carrying weapons that could be at least two bombs, two thousand pounds or more bombs, small spot she guided, or at least six missiles, air-to-air category of R-73 or PL-12 is in its place.
According to the Department of Defense and Security East, although the plan earlier in Iran fighter plane normal process in the development of this product showed the unveiling of the prototype aircraft Iran's new name "violent 313" on 14 February genuinely shocked strange ago Current Status of fighter design created.

Features of secrecy (Radargryzy)
1 - in the plane of the flat surface and slightly curved surfaces in the body of the stealthy aircraft is based on design principles. For example, the nose and the corners sideways body is designed according to the principles of choice and stealth radar can be said of the fifth-generation combat aircraft, 313 violent (with the usual definitions) is.

2 - a broken wing, and the strangest thing that's interesting is the apparent violent 313 radar and thermal effects will help to reduce its main mission, though, is something else.

3 - Most likely the most violent weapon is carried in the chamber between the main landing gear to reduce radar reflection from weapons mounted under the wings and body of the method is safe

4 - The engine air intake is located on the hull reduces radar reflection radar at the bottom of the plane will look.

6 - wedges around the engine output to reduce the effects of thermal and radar installation, vector output variable to be useful in the future.

7 - Use Frarhay same angle of attack and most of the lines on the edge of the valve body and the landing gear is necessary to cover one of which is seen in 313 violent.

8 - V-shaped vertical rudder to help cover an aircraft that have been used in aircraft.

9 - must see to reduce radar reflection of his helmet and the pilot and co-pilot seat with big canopy (talc cab) what measures have been devised.

10 - Hot exhaust gases from the engine before leaving the plane with the body of cold air through two channels are out of the plane combined with low temperature to minimize thermal effects.

Finally, and engine output of 313

11 - The use of radar-absorbent material to absorb energy in the body and reduce radar reflection of radar waves from the violent methods used to increase the secrecy.

Flight Characteristics
12 - focus on violent crime fighters axis 313 is increased flexibility exercises.

13 - Because of a plane with a length of less than 16 m is estimated, the container carrying weapons that could be at least two bombs, two thousand pounds or more bombs, small spot she guided, or at least six air missile Air in the category of R-73 or PL-12 is in its place.

14 - There Pyshbal (Canard) for increased maneuverability, producing positive for the presence of control surfaces on the wings with a big mouth declined Pyshbal taking advantage of it.

15 - the wings and fuselage violent show about design patterns "combining wings and body" that has aerodynamic benefits too, especially in reducing unfavorable interactions of the wings and fuselage.

18 - the main landing gear forward accumulate in the body causing the body to be more useful space.

19 - large vertical tail surfaces and moving parts that make sustainability good position (in) great maneuvering characteristics make a good side. Due to rudder, vertical height of 4 meters is estimated to be less violent.

20 - Wing thick (the thickness of the top) is very suitable for the production of this type of violent 313 wings to optimal speeds are not very high. The wing span of the aircraft is less than 8 meters.

21 - the shape and location of the air inlet flow separation at high angles of attack is the ability to fly at angles of attack of 20 degrees to the violent way the problem is solved.

22 - in front of the engine air intake is rooted LERX high aerodynamic advantage.

Notice in this picture the 313 canopy

28 - The landing gear of the aircraft is not copied from any of the current Iranian fighters like the new design and outline Su -25 aircraft's landing gear.

313 violent landing gear

29 - A single-engine plane to reduce overall fuel consumption and ease of maintenance, that is light weight aircraft.

30 - Single-cycle landing gear or other evidence of light weight aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of about 12 to 14 and probably weighs less than 20 tons.

31 - Due to the low latitude and 313 violent nose looks of the radar equipment is housed under the cockpit seating.

34 - use 8 analog display screens in the cabin next to the MFD technology represents the ultimate failure of the 313 architects are violent.

Cabin was unveiled samples of 313

35 - Telecommunication equipment and control systems along side the traditional design of the pilot took place. However, the gas engine under the cab is not seen in the pictures released.

36 - the fighter making the local radio frequency electronics mod-resistant mutants with impaired functionality and automation of the coding algorithms have been developed.

37 - like an ejection seat aircraft were available to local specimens is probably not that long ago that the test aircraft test-bed "Armita" successfully Done.

38 - the lever to steer the ordinary type of control system of removable wings and wing and rudder and vertical flight Omnipotent 313 type hydraulic Nine Systems Flight Electronic Control (FBW) because of the existing system in the world. "Lever steering side "uses.

39 - In the current example, violent, head-up display (HUD) is simple and obviously can not be seen and flight helmet HUD would control the production instance.

40 - According to some evidence, visual display of scale models of real or "Muck Up" is one of the most important steps before making a fighter pilot samples.

Other Considerations
41 - 313 violent images releases of software design and development process for calculating the radar cross section can be seen that the development of defense products is very important for improving the country.

Calculation of radar cross section and aerodynamic analysis of 313

42 - Modeling violent 313's advanced software design, computer (CAD), such as CATIA, which can connect to computers and machines, advanced production works construction, the analysis of aerodynamic and numerical methods (cfd) by using software to generate grid numerical flow analysis software GAMBIT and FLUENT, design calculations performed with the software that the entire scientific career in the field of aircraft design is indigenous.

43 - the beginning of the current sample design to manufacturing, lasts 2.5 to 3 years, a sign of strong management and a serious commitment to modernize and increase the production capacity of the country air.

44 - Flight Test Pilot prevalence of small-scale with violent conduct by the conventional method to extract the flight characteristics of the aircraft being designed with the cost and time will be smaller.

45 - Wind tunnel tests violent instances to achieve optimal aerodynamic form is done. Below is an example of such parts Pyshbal, vertical rudder and engine output differences with the unveiling of seen.

Wind tunnel testing is an example of 313

46 - 313 of violent engine and not likely to speak an indigenous turbofan engine that is used to cover the needs of the day and the heat and the massive body of the match.

47 - the violent current of infrared tracking systems, balls and some accessories, such as antennas, transmitting and receiving systems are not up to it because it is Mack.

48 - wind tunnel tests, and flight software works on a small scale model to achieve better and more reliable ways of making the flight model that has a higher cost of these tests. The result can be expected operational prototype was unveiled produce violent changes are less than exemplary.

49 - Launch of the 313 violent single airline has announced that due to the characteristics of the multi-role air-to-air and air-to-surface operations will be.

Given the assumptions above, the later development of violent 313 to reach a specimen of operations include the manufacture samples for testing static (static) land, construction of the flight samples for testing systems, radar and weapons on the fly, prototypes and production samples The main line of domestic and international experts willing to support and integrate with the authorities in the next few years and the end result will be mass produced.
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8 март 2012
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Danger Danger :pos::pos:Иначе само мене ли на првите две слики ми изгледа како да е направен од картон а одозгора да има самолеплива хартија ??
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Messanger - не ти е срам да спмираш?
Ајде те молам учествувај со квалитетна дискусија, темата е баш актуелна.


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Ова што го прави во моментов Иран, ме потсетува на пропагандата која ја правеше СФР Југославија, користење на стари технологии притоа прикажувајќи ги како нови кои ни оддалеку не можат да се носат со западните и не би можеле да се носат ни со армијата на една Полска, Романија или Бугарија на пример, сеуште го чекам моментот кога ќе се прогласат за трета светска сила :D
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Авијацијски експерти се изјаснија дека е фејк авионов...иран им покажал видео од лет а испаднало дека било играчка...линк подоцна.

Let 3

The Nipple Erector
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Соочени со се поголемата закана од Америка и сојузниците во очајање се обидуваат некако да ги одвратат и се спасат од катастрофата

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