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20 август 2018
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Please...Help Vasilij recover

On behalf of Emilija and Hristijan Petkoski I am starting this campaign to help little Vasilij. I am reaching out to everyone who can help in anyway possible. As a close friend to their family I witnessed how they went from happiness beyond words when finding out that are expecting to uncertainty and many ifs as they watch their first child fight for his life every single day.

Their son Vasilij was born prematurely on May 14th in his 27th week. He has been hospitalized and put on the ventilator ever since. At birth he weighted just one kilogram, couldn’t breathe on his own and was fighting dangerous infection. As days went by he was getting better until one day when he began to develop seizures. Doctors discovered brain cysts and lung inflammation. He is strong and brave as hell not giving up on life but his fight is far from over. He needs to stay at the hospital and get proper treatment that increases his odds for survival. His parents have already reached their maximum and cannot keep up with the high hospital expenses anymore.

There are really no words for the amount of pain that Emilija and Hristijan are enduring every day. Any amount that you are able to donate will help towards Vasilij’s life saving journey. Your support means the world to them. Thank you.


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